Easy Joomla! plugin for hide your website content from guests.

Content Hider by StudioMaisk® is a plugin for hide your website content from guests. This is a very common way to push a site user to register.


For example you want to hide content with your holidays picture.

My holidays in Rio de Janeiro

If you put a tag (guеst) before "My holidays in Rio de Janeiro" and tag (/guеst) after picture, unregistered users will not see this text and photo, but will see the following:

Please login or register to see this hidden content.

In the same way, you can hide entire articles, photos, files, links or other.

In addition, we added guest button to the editor to make hider tags embed process more faster.


You can change:
  • Text for guests using simple text or HTML
  • Guests text background color
  • Guests text color
  • Guests text links color


StudioMaisk® Content Hider is responsive and support any devices and any browsers.