Thank you for purchasing Customized Player!
In this section, we'll be learning on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install and configure Customized Player on your site.

1. Getting Started

Customized Player by StudioMaisk® is an advanced and customizable HTML5 player for CMS Joomla! StudioMaisk® Player allows you to make you player design the same as your website design by using settings like:
  • Install your brand logo
  • Change seek, loaded & buffering bars color
  • Change current time & duration color
  • Change player background color
  • Change player size with px or %
  • Add download button to your player
You can see all settings here.

2. Installation

Easy installation.
  • Unzip file and install every plugins (player and buttons).
  • Go to Extensions/Plugins from your backend, search "StudioMaisk" and activate all plugins you found.
Congratulations! You are ready to use the best and the most beautiful player!

3. Start Using

Now you can go to Extensions/Plugins, click on "Customized Player by StudioMaisk®" to customize your player.

To insert your player you have two methods:

Method 1 - From audio folder
Insert audio files directory in player settings (ex: archive/audio/), after this you can just insert "(mр3)file name from audio directory(/mр3)" in your articles.


Method 2 - From direct link
Insert custom tags "(аudio)(/аudio)" with direct link to audio file.


In addition, you can use audio buttons from your editor to make player embed process more faster.