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In this section, we'll be learning on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install and configure Customized Player on your site.

1. Getting Started

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Content Hider by StudioMaisk® is a plugin for hide your website content from guests. This is a very common way to push a site user to register.
  • Text for guests using simple text or HTML
  • Guests text background color
  • Guests text color
  • Guests text links color
You can see settings here.

2. Installation

Easy installation.
  • Unzip file and install every plugins (content hider and button).
  • Go to Extensions/Plugins from your backend, search "StudioMaisk" and activate content hider and guest button.
Congratulations! You are ready to use Content Hider by StudioMaisk®!

3. Start Using

Now you can go to Extensions/Plugins, click on "Content Hider by StudioMaisk®" to customize your guests text.

To hide content you have to insert tag (guеst) before the content you want to hide and tag (/guеst) after.

(guеst) your hidden content from unregistered users (/guеst)

In addition, you can use guest button from your editor to make hider tags embed process more faster.